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    "Waratah Wild" by artist Robert Bosler
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You get paintings - in your own style - to enjoy at home, or to sell.  It's easier than you think.  Here's a brief background.

Just because you are putting paint on canvas doesn't mean you are creating art.  The vast majority of "art" teaching is actually teaching craft (using paint).  The difference between making a craft painting and creating a work of art is:


With making craft paintings you won't be able to improve your work, even over a period of twenty to fifty years.  You'll be disappointed, frustrated, and really in the classification of hobbyist.


With creating art you have the ability to develop your work and become professionally competent very quickly.  Your landscapes and seascapes will possess a depth and charm, and pass on the mysteries of your vision.  This happens naturally, no matter who you are, and uniquely for you.


With craft paintings your work will only ever obtain low prices and won't gain in value.


Instead, your created works of art can attract many thousands of dollars per painting.   Buyers who pay big dollars for paintings can tell a run-of-the-mill craft painting immediately, and turn away from them.


Your satisfaction levels will soar.  You will amaze yourself and others with what you will achieve.


It's actually easier to create a work of art than it is to struggle with poor techniques and poor/average teaching by making craft paintings.


So how can I learn to create art in 5 weeks?


By learning advanced art techniques.  That sounds difficult - in fact it's very easy.  I take you step by step through creating art in advanced techniques, from start to finish, and by using these advanced techniques you'll be creating art.  Like everything, it sounds harder, or something for someone "with talent" or it sounds impossible, until you come along and see how easy it is.


These techniques by their very nature bring forth art on canvas, and it will be in your style right from the start.


After the course, you'll be able to continue developing your art, by having fun with the combinations of techniques you learn, and by experimenting and practise - and you'll surprise yourself and your friends (and buyers) with what you achieve !


So if you've ever dreamed of creating art, or you wish to advance the paintings you're doing, now you can.


Please take a moment to look through the Art Classes on offer, and choose one (or both) to suit. 


Or you may prefer to learn at home in your own time, by using one of my DVD Packs (sold into 37 countries) - and you won't need me personally at all.  In fact for just $89.50 you can learn to paint right now, delivered to your door.  You get a painting you can sell or keep to enjoy.  Details here.


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Creating works of art is a picnic !

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