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    "Waratah Wild" by artist Robert Bosler
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A brief background about Robert Bosler



28 years professional artist

Top sales price per painting of $25,000

Thousands of paintings sold worldwide

Regularly selling works between $3,000-10,000

Developer of the advanced Fine Art Techniques so you can achieve as well

Continual exhibitions in galleries and through his large Sydney studios

Many of his exhibitions, or a single artwork, televised locally and nationally

Established an investment art gallery in 1988 selling national and international investment works

Regularly stages exhibitions for his students

Author of three books on art, including "Guide to Teaching Art"

Author of 2 novels

Writer on matters of the Australian psyche and politics for the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper online

Producer of premium quality DVDs to help you achieve with your art

Developer of The Laws For Creativity

Over a million views about his art on YouTube

Accomplished sculptor in marble, bronze and wood

Assisted hundreds of artists in over 37 countries



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Robert's books are available on amazon.com under the author's name.







"The most thorough Renaissance man I know" - Luke Rhinehart, author of 'one of the fifty most influential books of the last half of the twentieth century' (BBC) The Dice Man, congratulating Robert on one of his recent works.


"The most powerful painting on Australian soil" - David Hill, managing director of the ABC, describing Robert's painting of Jeff Fenech.

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