High Quality Art Lessons
Coffs Harbour
    "Waratah Wild" by artist Robert Bosler
High Quality Teaching   -   Easy   -   Reduced Price   -   Share your new art experience with new friends



In the controlled environment of the art studio you have a very focused learning experience.  It's also fun, but by its very nature In-Studio learning can vastly improve your work because of the minimised distractions.





About the class



Firstly, class size is very limited.  At the moment, the maximum attendees is four.  This provides you with every opportunity to receive full attention for you to learn.  And a class size of four people also develops strong relationships with other attendees so each can see and learn from what another person is achieving.


The hardest part, for me as a teacher, is seeing the predetermined belief that creating art is difficult, or it's for people who have 'talent'.  This all changes once the person comes to the first class and sees a quick demonstration.  Advanced techniques are much easier to learn, and far more capable at creating in your style, than is normally understood.  Come to class and try it.  Each step is very simple, it's the combination of them which gets your results.  I'll take you step by step through the process, until you take home your work of art.  (Or two or three!).


We have quite a few laughs along the way, as we enjoy the natural wonders of creating.  You'll have your own painting 'station' with an easel and table provided, and chairs to sit and contemplate if needed, or to have a cuppa and a chat with your fellow artists.   Tea and coffee is available, though I do suggest you bring your own snack for a pick-me-up energy break.  


Class size:  Maximum of four.


Class time:  9.30 am - 12 noon (or can be varied according to attendees' wishes).   2.5 hours.


Commences:   Tuesday 5th April, 2016



Course runs for 5 sessions, separated weekly, with a bonus one week free.  Allowances are made for school holidays, with changed dates if needed arranged within class. 
BONUS one extra week FREE


Cost:  $640  $395 includes GST.


Location:  Coffs Harbour Jetty.  Ground floor, deliver your materials to the door.   Parking.

Enrol here online, or contact Robert on 0432 487 380


Materials you'll need



As an artist myself I'm very aware of the costs involved in creating works of art, and have done my best to ensure you can create successfully with the minimum of materials cost.  During class I'll show you several ways you can save money with materials for your later works.


To start, you'll need the following.  Except for Titanium White, you'll only need 40ml tubes of quality paint - you won't be able to create with advanced techniques using what is known as 'student' quality paint.  I recommend the brand Art Spectrum.  This is an Australian brand of top quality and reasonable price.  I'll provide a link below to where I purchase my art supplies, being inexpensive, trustworthy and delivered to your door.   You'll need the larger tube of Titanium White -150ml - as shown here.  


The same materials are used in the Outdoors course and In-Studio course if you are enrolling in both.


From the Art Supplies Store:


Raw Umber

Lemon Yellow

Spectrum Red

Italian Pink

Ultramarine Blue

Coerulean Blue

Alizarin Crimson

Yellow Ochre


Titanium White -150ml


If you wish to obtain more colours than these, please choose Transparent colours.


Number Two Medium (by Art Spectrum)



Two 18" x 14" Canvas Boards (46 cm x 36 cm) - these can be purchased cheaply from various Coffs stores


Number 12 Bright Bristle Brush

Number 8 Bright Bristle Brush

Number 4 Bright Bristle Brush

Number 8 or Number 10 Filbert Brush

Number 10 Round Brush

Number 4 Round Brush

00 Liner Brush

000 Signature Brush



Painting Knife  Art Spectrum Model No 9217


Mineral Turps (from a Hardware Store)


Palette - can be a laminex offcut or similar


Lint-free Rags


Tin or Jar



Camera, or notepad is always extremely helpful.



And a snack for tea or coffee break, and your coffee cup if you prefer.



My personal art supplies are purchased from artsuppliesaustralia.com.au.   By all means, give Sherrie a call and say you are painting in my studio, and she'll help you with your supplies.



Table, chairs and easel are provided.






Private In-Studio Tuition




I am available for private tuition, please enquire about the rates by email.


P.O. Box 4509  Coffs Harbour  NSW   2450