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    "Waratah Wild" by artist Robert Bosler
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Please don't be misled by the website title "Art Picnic".  You will be creating art.  But let's have fun, too, while we're out in this wonderful country.  So time is made for sitting togeher and having a cuppa and a bite to eat and a chat and a laugh.  After all, if we cannot fully enjoy our outdoor experience our paintings will be lacking our connection to the place we're in.


Let me look after your creativity while there.  And be sure to pack a picnic - even a snack and a drink - so we can enjoy what we're doing and enjoy being where we are together.


And, no, you won't be paying for our picnic time.


You'll see extra time is included and that's the only extra allowance you'll need to make.  In-Studio classes are 2.5 hours.  Outdoor classes are about 3 hours.  You are paying for 2.5 hours - but we often talk about art and I'm there to help in those picnic discussions, so you might get some bonus assistance.





About the class


Painting outdoors is one of the beautiful pleasures of life.  You come to feel very much closer to the the world we live in, and take with us that deeper connection throughout our otherwise daily life.  It can be a deeply moving experience.


And we are very fortunate of course to have such magnificent locations in and around Coffs Harbour.  Let's get out there and capture them and bring them home, in paintings to enjoy, or to sell.


Each week we choose a new location, varying where we go so I can teach you how to paint various aspects of the landscape.  To make it easy, locations are chosen where the distance between car parking and our set-up spot is minimised, so we don't have far to carry our gear.  During the course, attendees can also suggest places to paint and we can decide together if that's where we would like to go next.


I did this in Sydney earlier in my career and we had a huge amount of fun choosing locations and painting them, with a participant getting T-Shirts made up happily declaring "Onsite Artistry" on the back.  Generally we ended up in the pub later in the afternoon, and sometimes long into the night.


Not that we'll be doing that these days, but the idea is exactly the same: it's tremendous fun, and we share the experience and what we learn, together.


I'll take you step by step through the easy way of capturing the landscape - but not in a basic, crafty way.  You'll be creating art.  It's easy, and I provide for you a very different approach from what you may have been used to, or expect.  We'll be creating in a two-stage process, which will give your works a marked difference from other landscape painters and one which brings greater rewards for you.


So, in short, we meet up together at a specific location in and around Coffs, set up our gear, and I teach you.  We also have that time to sit, chat, and revel and enjoy the place we are sharing in.


Being outdoors, we'll be at the whim of weather, so if it's raining we can choose to postpone, or locate under the various shelters around the area and capture delicious rainy scenes.  And you will need to prepare properly in terms of protection, especially from the sun.  Hats, long sleeves and sunscreen are recommended.  Sometimes we'll be bothered by insects, so long pants and shoes and socks are also recommended, and perhaps a repellant to have at hand.  The only other issue is a heavy wind, so we'll choose a location that day which best protects us.  The rewards are well worth these impositions and oftentimes it's pure magic.



Class size: Maximum of twelve.  


Class time:  Meet at location at 9am.  Lessons finish at midday.



Course runs for five sessions, separated weekly.  Allowances are made for school holidays, with changed dates if needed arranged within class.


Cost:  $640  $395 includes GST





Materials you'll need



For outdoors painting you will need your own easel, table and chair.  


The basic requirements for outdoor painting is the same as the In-Studio painting, and I've whittled these down to save as much cost for you as possible, without affecting your painting qualities.  You'll need only 40ml tubes for all the paint colours except Titanium White.   You'll also need to ensure you obtain artist's professional quality paint, not 'students' quality, as otherwise you won't be able to achieve the effects I'll teach you.  I do recommend the brand Art Spectrum, as it is Australian made and top quality.



From the Art Supplies store:


Raw Umber

Lemon Yellow

Spectrum Red

Italian Pink

Ultramarine Blue

Coerulean Blue

Alizarin Crimson

Yellow Ochre


Titanium White - 150 ml



If you wish to obtain more colours than these, please choose Transparent colours.



Number Two Medium  (Art Spectrum)



Five 16" x 12" Canvas Boards.  (40 cm x 30 cm).  However, please purchase only two to begin, and together we'll talk about the correct size for you after that.



Number 12 Bright Bristle Brush

Number 8 Bright Bristle Brush

Number 4 Bright Bristle Brush

Number 8 or Number 10 Filbert Brush

Number 10 Round Brush

Number 4 Round Brush

00 Liner Brush

000 Signature Brush



Palette Knife  Art Spectrum Model No 9217



Mineral Turps (from a Hardware Store)



Palette - can be a Laminex offcut or similar


Lint-free Rags


Tin or Jar



Camera, or notepad is always extremely helpful.



And don't forget to bring your picnic !



My personal art supplies are purchased from www.artsuppliesaustralia.com.   Please by all means give Sherrie a call and say you are painting with me, and she'll help you with your supplies.



P.O. Box 4509  Coffs Harbour  NSW   2450