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    "Waratah Wild" by artist Robert Bosler
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Here's just one success story from the DVDs.


Learn at home!  Your teacher in these courses has produced high quality DVDs so you can learn at home in your own time at your own pace.   The best-selling Fine Art Techniques DVD Triple Pack has been sold into 37 countries.


Purchases are secure and home delivered.


I am constantly receiving pictures of paintings from people who have never painted before, who have created works of art beyond what they expected, merely by working with the DVDs.  The DVDs are designed to do exactly that, and their success is not unusual: it's really very easy.   Over the years there have been hundreds of similar success stories.  Here is one you may enjoy:




Some years ago, Moshe Kassirer from Israel purchased my DVD Packs and as we fast forward we can see his painting here, behind U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and President Benjamin Netanyahu, as a backdrop to their meeting recently.  Moshe has gone on to sell many paintings and gain a reputation for his high quality art.

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